#106 Canvas shoes. Indigo/NATURAL (white sole) SIZE 36 to 39



INN-STANT IS a Japanese unisex footwear brand that was born in 2000. In search of the traditional textures of fabrics from historic factories in Japan, production was re-established in Europe.

It is a design that emphasizes the texture that is made by hand one by one using natural materials. In rare cases, there may be slight color differences depending on the production lot, such as rubber protrusion and uneven coloring, but please note that this is a characteristic of INN-STANT.

We strive to make the colors of the listed products the same as the actual products as much as possible, but the colors may differ slightly depending on your computer environment.

Exclusive sale in Europe by HENTEN

About sizes

About sizes

Standard of size conversion
35|22.0 – 22.5cm
36|22.5 – 23.0cm
37|23.0 – 23.5cm
38|24.0 – 24.5cm
39|25.0 – 25.5cm
40|25.5 – 26.0cm
41|26.0 – 26.5cm
42|26.5 – 27.0cm
43|27.0 – 27.5cm

The above is just a guide for general sizes. Since it is manufactured using the last (metal mold) of Europe, the sense of size often differs depending on the person who wears it.

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